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PHV/106 Application to vary details on a London Private Hire Vehicles Operator s licence LTPH use only PHO/ You will need to complete a separate PHV/106 form for EVERY operating centre you wish to
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 106 form
Music hey everyone geek guy London talked about servicing your vehicle if you're a private higher driver how often are you gonna be serving your vehicle realist realistically yeah so um as you probably already know if you've been watching my videos and following my channel I do this private hire work around a full-time job yeah so um my figures my mileage is gonna be reflective of part-time work maybe a little bit extra and plus any private miles that I do outside of my work life so um on a typical week I probably cover around 500 miles and typically when I go out I'll go out for five hours and I'll cover around about a hundred miles maybe maybe a bit more maybe a bit less but I put the average in between five and six hundred pounds on a given week over the course of the year and I reckon with uber I'm probably covering around let's say twenty five thousand miles and I probably put another five thousand miles on top of that for anything I got to do kind of outside of work but typically if I'm working I'm ending my day where I need to be anyway so all that mileage is kind of infused you know I mean if I'm gonna only folks if I need to be in East London at the end of my shift yeah I'm gonna make sure that I'm putting my destination to East London and go in there to finish my shift and getting jobs all the way there typically anywhere on go and I'm trying to put a destination into it to get where I need to go to but staying on point I'll typically do probably around 30000 miles a year inclusive of private hire work and for that reason I probably service my car three times for any given year yeah with the mileage uncovering so I've got a Toyota Prius third-generation the one what everyone else has got and I thank you for a service every 10000 miles if if my vehicle's feeling a little bit sluggish a sluggish sluggish yeah my vehicle's feeling a little bit sluggish before the ten thousand miles um I may well take it in a little bit earlier or the alternative option is to go and get an oil change yeah get all change anywhere really you know as long as they're changing the filter as well and then your car feels as good as new bearing in mind your vehicle's your investment if you are purchasing your vehicle and it is your investment if you're your if your higher in a vehicle and paying a weekly on a weekly basis for your vehicle then I mean that vehicle breaks down you probably get another one the same day or the next day if you're if you if you invest in the vehicle and you buy one on HP or whatever or buy one cash at white obviously let's Shaw investment you want to keep it running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible so it just makes perfect financial sense to keep it serviced on a regular basis so it's running smoothly so for that reason yeah service Michael vehicle three times a year minimum as I said every ten thousand miles I dig thirty thousand...